Album "Diamonds in the Rough" by Denise Fuleihan in CD's

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"Diamonds in the Rough" is now available on Spotify, Pandora, I-tunes, Apples Music, Amazon etc.

Album track Testimonials

 REVIEWS ON TIME'S UP FROM MY ALBUM Check it out! What a great voice! I like the beat and the singer a lot. Very positive overall. The artist has a very good singing voice. A lot like Lady Gaga, she is very powerful behind her lyrics. The lyrics works well with what she is trying to accomplish. The artist amplifies there voice in a very good, articulate, and likely manner. The addition to another artist adds to it as well. 11-Dec-2018 this track is an instrumental and vocal power house. its a wonderful mix of power vocals and epic drum and snare riffs. i loved this song and the production is flawless and on point. this is great all the way around. its such a catchy tune. 11-Dec-2018 Weow ! This lady has some nicely cleaned singing pipes ! I The vocalist has a really strong, powerful voice, Wow is all I can say about this song. I have never heard anything like it. Starting off, her voice is amazing and she’s very talented. The singer’s voice is something you would hear in a movie or in a opera concert. The meaning of this song is beautiful. 11-Dec-2018 This is a stellar sounding track. I love the singing and the arrangement. It has some very good production and a nice set of lyrics. The singing is very powerful. When it goes into a groove it really hits its stride. I think it has some very good commercial qualities. The rapping is good. 11-Dec-2018  i like the song is very awesome. and she has voice that is very impressed and quote . this song is special and unique . i would like to hear more of this girl songs because it really cool . and i would like to know her name. 11-Dec-2018  What an epic song intro. I really like the voice and the lyrics of the singer. The vocals are amazing and very soothing. I also like the drums and the bass in this song. The beat is really great as well. This is an epic song i love it. 11-Dec-2018  this song was outstanding i loved the lyrics. The beat switches fantastically and i love it i am going to give this song a good rating. 11-Dec-2018.


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